Low Latency Trading solutions from Axon

Liquidity Management Solution for Banks & Broker Dealers

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Axon Trading Solutions allows its customers to build out or supplant their existing FX liquidity management operations with a unique combination of best-of-breed technology and modular components. These components, accessed and controlled by an open and flexible platform, including Market Data Connectivity, Aggregation, Matching & Crossing Engine, Smart Order Routing and Price Engine deliver all the functionality required to manage the customer’s internal and external markets.

Control, Scalability & Speed

At the heart of Axon’s trading system and at the forefront of its developers’ minds is to consistently deliver an ultra-low latency solution while balancing scalability, openness and control capabilities.  A focus on in-memory processing coupled with a robust messaging architecture delivers throughput capacity in the tens of millions of messages per second. The adoption of FIX and HTML 5.0 allows a combination of standard industry and emerging event processing integration.

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Capital Markets Trading Expertise

The Axon team has expert knowledge in Capital Markets trading and software development.  We are customer focused, helping clients find solutions to fit their technology landscape while using the latest tools to optimise trading performance.

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