Products & Services


The Axon Trading Platform consists of components which can be taken in part or in whole, deliver core functionality to control a firm’s internal and external market demands and manage the overall liquidity pricing available to internal trading units and its customers.

  • Market Data Module

    Provides a rational, logical and seamless connection to single and multi-bank venues and acts as a gateway for enterprise distribution of customised rates.

  • Book Manager

    A customisable price aggregator allowing for single/multiple books and client tiers and permits complex management of depth of pricing.

  • Order Manager

    Matches orders against available internal and external pricing sources and allows for complex strategies to manage the execution process.

  • Price Engine

    To meet the demands of sophisticated end users and venues, Axon has developed a price engine capable of drilling down to the individual or matrix requirements for automated work flows and derivative instruments to fully cover automated and manual trading methodology.

  • Smart Order Router

    To allow for customisable top-of-book and depth-of-book rules-based search, selection and trade execution under fast-moving markets, Axon’s SOR can over-reach and control order management for fill at best price and least slippage.

  • Client APIs

    Axon offers standard APIs for client connectivity for both the end customer (FIX, FIX/FAST) and for the controlling firm (WS API). In fully automated mode the system allows for complete control of complex events.



In addition to our modular range of liquidity management tools, Axon offers consulting services in areas of the trade execution cycle for Banks, Broker Dealers, Hedge Funds and Asset managers including:

    • Ultra-low latency performance
    • Implementation of integrated trading systems