The Axon trading platform’s design is based on an open, modular, scalable and standards-based set of technologies.

Key Technology Features & Benefits:

  • Performance – Axon’s ultra-low latency messaging middleware enables millions of data updates per second while retaining stability, reliability and low latency on commodity multi-core hardware and 1Gbps Ethernet. Our middleware also features negligible inter-core and inter-processor communication latency thanks to shared memory architecture and when optimised can deliver full transaction execution and notification in less than 200µS even under heavy load.
  • Open Source technology drives portability and interoperability across implementations and allows for early adoption of end user innovation. API layers are standards based for all aspects of wire and data distribution.
  • Quality of Service – a rich set of QoS policies allow for tuning and configuration of resource usage, availability and temporal constraints.
  • Platform Support – Axon’s trading platform is available on all major enterprise operating systems.
  • Core application services are modular in nature allowing for pick and mix integration for either replacement of end-of-life systems or complete system implementation.